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CMOS flat panel detector imaging

CMOS flat panel detector is based on needle-like CsI scintillator with excellent performance and high-sensitivity CMOS photosensitive chip, which can obtain clearer images at a lower dose and further improve the dynamic range up to 76dB.
The X-ray detector is integrated with four levels of gain, which can meet the needs of different application scenarios.
CMOS flat panel detector imaging
Compared with static imaging, the Newheek flat panel detector can achieve real-time dynamic imaging under full resolution and full field of vision, and the highest frame rate can reach 60fps.
In addition, in order to maximize detector performance, real-time calibration algorithms are embedded in the hardware to facilitate customer selection calls.
Newheek CMOS flat panel detector not only provides customers with a high quality experience, but also can be easily extended to different applications, reducing costs and providing customers with flexible digital radiation imaging solutions.


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