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Brief introduction to the types of flat panel detectors

The indirect conversion flat panel detector consists of a scintillation crystal coating such as cesium iodide and a thin film transistor (Turometer) or a charge coupled device (C hargeC oupling Device, C CD) or a complementary metal oxide semiconductor (Com plem) En tary M etal Oxide S em i -Conductor , CM OS). The working process of the indirect conversion flat panel detector is generally divided into two steps.

Stability of high performance detector

First, the scintillation crystal coating converts the Xray energy into visible light; secondly, TF T or C CD , or C MO S converts the visible light into an electrical signal. Since visible light scatters during this process, it has a certain impact on spatial resolution. Although the scintillator is processed into a column in the new process to improve the utilization of X-rays and reduce scattering, the effect of scattered light on spatial resolution cannot be completely eliminated.

Characteristics of amorphous selenium detector
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