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Brazilian distributor ordered the flat panel detector

The Brazilian customer saw the flat-panel detector on our website and was very interested in our products, hoping to know the specific information and quotation of the flat-panel detector.
After communicating with the customer, we learned that the customer is a dealer who wants to purchase a flat-panel detector to upgrade DR for pet clinics. The end customer’s X-ray machine is 100mA. The film imaging system used before, for convenience, now wants to upgrade to DR imaging. We introduced our flat-panel detectors, which are divided into wired and wireless models. The wired flat-panel detectors need to be connected to the power line and network cable for use, and the transmission effect is relatively good. The wireless flat panel detector uses its own local area network to connect to the computer, no external wiring is required, and the built-in battery can be recharged. The customer said that he wanted a 17″*17″ wireless board, and he was very satisfied after seeing the product information and quotation. Deposit was paid the next day.
Our flat-panel detector is equipped with workstation software, which can be used for medical or veterinary purposes, and can be imaged directly on the computer without developing the film. If purchased together with a computer, the imaging software can be installed in the computer and debugged before leaving the factory, and the customer can use it directly after receiving the goods. It can also be used with a variety of different styles of X-ray machines, which is cost-effective and can better meet customer needs.
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