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Canadian customer ordered our flat panel detector

Canadian customers contact us through the website to inquire about 14″*17″ flat panel detectors. We asked the customer whether the flat panel detector was purchased for replacement or upgrade. The customer said that he had an X-ray machine and wanted to upgrade it to DR, and asked whether our product was brand new or used. We mean that we are a factory, mainly dealing in X-ray machines and accessories and all of them are brand new products. Then he asked what power equipment the other party was using, and said that he had previously upgraded a 200mA power frequency machine for a personal clinic. The customer replied to us that his is also a 200mA X-ray machine. We have sent a video of the feedback after the previous upgrade to the customer, and the customer can use it with confidence.
After we introduced the product to the customer, we asked the customer if he had a radiography table and a bucky stand, so that we could help him confirm the required specifications. The regular size of our flat panel detectors is 14″*17″ (35cm*43cm, thickness 1.5cm) and 17″*17″ (43cm*43cm, thickness 1.5cm). The customer sent a picture of his equipment, we confirmed that 14″*17″ is more suitable and sent a physical picture. After our quotation, the customer said that he needed to report to his leader. Three days later, the customer replied that we can accept it and then paid the deposit.
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