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Application of X-ray flat panel detector

X-ray flat panel detector is a complex and expensive equipment, which plays a decisive role in imaging quality. Familiar with the performance indicators of the detector, choosing a suitable device can help improve the imaging quality and reduce the dose of X-ray radiation.
X-ray flat panel detectors use cesium iodide (CSI) scintillation technology to meet the demand for high image quality with low linear volume. Whether in the radiology room or elsewhere, the flexibility and portability of the wireless X-ray flat panel detector is the best choice for examination table adaptation. The compact and exquisite design can perform simple operation and real-time imaging for various diagnostic examinations and intensive care.
The x-ray flat panel detectors produced by our Newheek are divided into two types: wired and wireless. The dimensions are 14 x 17 inches and 17 x 17 inches. If you are interested in X-ray flat panel detector products, please leave a message or e-mail consultation!

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