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A large Russian hospital ordered our flat panel detectors

Large Russian hospitals ask questions about our flat panel detectors via website.
We ask customers if they want to buy or repair. The customer replied that he wanted repairs and asked why the power light was not on and the connection could not be made. We help customers determine the reason why the power light does not come on from three aspects: network, protective wall and power connection. The customer said that he had checked that the problem was not caused by the network. We asked the customer why he did not contact the original factory for repair. The customer replied that it needed to be returned to the factory for repair. Since it was an imported Australian product at the time, it was too troublesome to return it to the factory. Please inquire about the repair first and ask us if we can repair it. Because the customer’s flat-panel detector is from 2017, we cannot repair it. We recommend: 1. Try to contact the original manufacturer for repair. The original manufacturer is familiar with the technical process of the product. 2. Find a nearby medical repair shop to check. If it cannot be repaired, you can only consider replacing the product. After hearing this, the customer asked about the price of our flat panel detector. After communication, we learned that the customer previously used a 14″*17″ wired medical flat-panel detector. The flat-panel detectors we recommend are among the top three in China. Their quality and imaging effects are very good, so you can use them with confidence. The customer asked if it was a second-hand product? Our replies are all brand new products. The customer said that he would repair it first and then contact us for purchase if it doesn’t work.
Finally, two months later, the hospital contacted us again, hoping to purchase the flat-panel detector we recommended at the time. We said yes and the price didn’t change. The customer quickly paid the deposit and thought we were very professional.
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