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A certain clinic in Indonesia considers us very professional.

The Indonesian customer saw the flat panel detector on our website and was very interested in this product and wanted to know its detailed information and quotation.
After communicating with the client, we learned that the client was a private clinic and had an X-ray machine. It had also used a flat-panel detector for imaging before. However, he felt that the image quality had deteriorated and now wanted to get a new one. The customer’s machine parameters are 40-160KV, 2mA-30mA. The commonly used shooting dose is 40/100KV, 30mA, which is used for single shooting. Because the parameters of this X-ray machine are quite special, we asked the customer for photos of the X-ray machine to determine whether it should be equipped with a dynamic FPD or a static FPD. After seeing the photos, we recommended our 14″*17″ wireless flat panel detector. This product uses its own LAN and computer connection, and has a built-in battery that can be recharged. The customer expressed satisfaction after reading the product information and quotation. The order was placed in about ten days.
Our flat-panel detector is equipped with workstation software, which can be used for medical or veterinary purposes. It can image directly on the computer without developing the film. It can be used with a variety of different styles of X-ray machines, with clear imaging results and high cost performance.
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