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Xray flat panel reduces radiation dose

The core technology of DR is the xray flat panel. The flat panel detector is a kind of sophisticated and expensive equipment, which plays a decisive role in the imaging quality. Being familiar with the performance index of the detector can help us improve the imaging quality and reduce the X-ray radiation dose.
It is a high performance, tablet box size wireless flat panel detector.It can last at least 10 hours, and unique wireless transmission technology can transmit a full resolution image in three seconds, even in the worst case, no more than five seconds.
Xray flat panel reduces radiation dose
Meanwhile, the detector has high DQE and high resolution.
The X-ray detector is highly sensitive and supports automatic exposure detection. It can be easily connected and synchronized with all high voltage generators.
Newheek xray flat panel is divided into wired type and wireless type, which can meet your different purchasing requirements.


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