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Which devices can flat panel detectors be applied to?

Flat panel detectors can be applied to dental CBCT, mammography machine, medical linear accelerator, full spine DR, mobile DR, C-arm and industrial flaw detection equipment.
At present, our company mainly sells flat panel detectors used in DR series, and the popular sizes are 17×17, 14×17 and so on.
Next, briefly introduce the digital flat panel detector:
(1) Composition: protective layer (shell), fluorescent layer, circuit board, radiator.
(2) Fluorescent layer: CSI image is clearer, GdS (GdOS) sensitivity is higher.
(3) Semiconductor materials: amorphous selenium (high sensitivity, usually used in dynamic plates), amorphous silicon.
(4) Etching effect: The theoretical lifespan of the flat panel detector is 3 years, and the flat panel detector used for a long time will produce artifacts that cannot be eliminated due to the etching effect, thus affecting the image quality.
(5) Bearing capacity: 300KG.
(6) Classification of image software: medical software, veterinary software, industrial software.
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