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Where is the flat panel detector in dr?

Flat panel detector is a kind of precision and precious equipment, which plays a decisive role in the imaging quality. Familiarity with the performance index of the detector is helpful to improve the imaging quality and reduce the X-ray radiation dose.
The amorphous silicon flat panel detector is an indirect digital X-ray imaging. Its basic structure is that the surface is a layer of scintillator material (cesium iodide or sulfur oxide), and the next layer is a photodiode circuit made of amorphous silicon. The bottom layer is the charge readout circuit. The scintillator located on the surface of the detector converts the attenuated X-rays after passing through the human body into visible light, and the amorphous silicon photodiode array under the scintillator converts visible light into electrical signals, and forms stored charges on the capacitance of the photodiode itself. The amount of stored charge of each pixel is proportional to the intensity of incident X-rays. Under the action of the control circuit, the stored charge of each pixel is scanned and read, and the digital signal is output after A/D conversion, which is sent to the computer for image processing to form X-rays. digital imaging.
Flat-panel detectors are generally placed in chest racks or film boxes on flat-bed photography. If you are interested in our flat-panel detectors, please feel free to consult us. Whatsapp:+86 18953679166. Email:


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