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What staff need to pay attention to when using flat panel detectors

What should workers pay attention to when using flat panel detectors? Because the flat panel detector is a valuable item, be careful not to wear it or break it during use. So, how should the flat panel detector be maintained routinely?
1. Cleaning During use, you must always keep the detector clean to prevent the accumulation of dust on the plate from affecting the clarity and cleanliness of the image, destroying the imaging effect, and causing misdiagnosis. When cleaning, use a clean soft cloth, neutral soap, do not use any corrosive solvents, and use ten clean soft agents or polishing agents for abrasive decontamination.
2. Anti-shock Vibration has a great influence on the flat panel detector. In operation, it is necessary to prevent the collision with the detector shell and generate vibration, especially the inspection bed detector. When handing over patients with the transfer bed, especially when receiving emergency patients, it is very easy for the transfer bed to collide with the detector shell of the examination bed.
3. The change of constant temperature will directly affect the output stability of each pixel of the flat panel detector. We maintain the temperature in the computer room (22±3)℃ and the relative humidity of 40% to 65% to achieve a suitable ambient temperature and humidity. This also facilitates air cooling of the detector. (The above information comes from the Internet, if there is any infringement, please contact our customer service to delete it)
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