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What is the service life of X-ray flat panel detector imaging?

Different indicators of X-ray flat-panel detector images have different imaging effects. Therefore, in the process of clinical application, X-ray flat-panel detectors should be selected according to the actual image effects to obtain higher quality images.

Since different X-ray flat-panel detectors can distinguish different tissue densities or densities of dense tissues in tissues, in actual clinical operations, using different X-ray flat-panel detectors at different positions is beneficial to improve image quality.

From the perspective of affecting image quality, its main performance parameters are modulation transfer function and quantum conversion efficiency. The modulation transfer function describes the ability of the system to reproduce the spatial frequency range of the imaging object.

X-ray flat panel detectors have a limited service life, usually no more than five years. The number of exposures, the degree of use and the degree of consumption all determine the life of the X-ray flat panel detector.

CCD type, principle: The enhanced screen is used as an X-ray interactive medium to digitize the X-ray image through the CCD.

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