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What is the history of X-ray flat panel detector?

How does the X-ray flat panel detector appear? As the initial cost of ownership declines and the advantages become more apparent, the momentum of traditional X-ray imaging to direct X-ray photography continues to increase. With direct X-ray photography, a few seconds after taking a picture of the patient, an X-ray image is available, and the image can be sent to the world immediately to consult a medical professional at any location.

Components of a flat panel detector

The patient’s X-ray image is digital and can be archived and retrieved on a small hard drive without the need for a large file cabinet. The popular direct X-ray method uses an X-ray flat panel detector to capture the passing X-rays. The X-ray flat panel detector can display different shooting angles without moving or manually moving to take a variety of images, and the sensor-image size ratio is 1:1. Newer flat panel X-ray detectors can wirelessly send images to the control unit for viewing, archiving and distribution. With the X-ray flat panel detector, you no longer have to buy, store or destroy chemicals related to film processing.


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