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what is the flat panel detector

With the epidemic raging, the one-and-a-half-year Sino-US trade war rarely appeared in the headlines. However, the contest between the two sides did not stop. At the time of the signing of the first phase of the trade agreement, only part of the tariff was reduced. The outside world is expected to either start the negotiation of the second phase of the agreement in 2020 or continue to upgrade the tariff war.

These uncertainties seem to be interrupted or covered up by the turbulent epidemic. In fact, the new coronavirus first broke out in China and raged in many countries such as the United States, which undoubtedly added variables to the complex and tense trade relations between China and the United States.

On May 8, high-level officials from China and the United States called to agree that both parties should strive to create a favorable atmosphere and conditions for the implementation of the first-phase economic and trade agreement between China and the United States and promote positive results. But on the same day, Trump threatened in an interview with the American media that if China fails to honor its purchase promise, he will terminate the trade agreement. A week later, Trump even warned that he might cut off all relations with China.

Against the backdrop of the epidemic, how will the trade wars in the world’s two largest economies develop? BBC Chinese has sorted out four frequently asked questions and asked many experts to answer them.
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