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What is the development trend of DR flat panel detectors?

The first trend is: functional composite DR.
The new generation of DR features multiple functional composites, the most representative of which is dynamic DR. Dynamic DR can perform real-time contrast agent tracking, esophagus/skeletal reduction, fallopian tube angiography, automatic photography, direct rapid positioning and fine diagnosis by eliminating the blindness of conventional DR through perspective; rich digital image processing software, good performance, image The high resolution can provide better image data for doctors’ clinical diagnosis, improve the diagnostic efficiency, and greatly improve the efficiency of hospital work.
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In 2009, Shimadzu Japan introduced Sonialvision Safire, a multifunctional X-ray machine with a direct conversion dynamic DR detector. This is the first multi-function device on the market, which also combines the functions of all traditional imaging equipment such as fluoroscopy, DR, DSA and other radiology departments. Siemens develops and manufactures dynamic DR Luminos Select as a general-purpose X-ray diagnostic device for X-ray clinical photography and fluoroscopy.


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