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What is the development of flat panel detectors?

With the launch of the national medical reform, the government, medical institutions and the general public are paying more and more attention to medical devices. The dr flat panel detector has become the mainstream of radiology images of various medical institutions.
Coupling mode of cesium iodide detector
At present, China’s medical device market has many DR brands. The imported products include Siemens, Philips, GE, etc. Most of them are expensive and the maintenance cost is relatively high. There are many domestic DR brands, but the mix of good DR and poor DR is very different in price and image quality. Then, what are the domestic manufacturers of DR, which is better?
Characteristics of amorphous selenium detector
Domestic DR is an advanced Xray photography technology combined with computer digital image processing technology and Xray radiation technology.

Digital plate imaging

It is based on the direct film imaging of the original diagnostic Xray machine, through A/D conversion and D/. A conversion, real-time image digital processing, and then the image is digitalized. Its appearance broke the concept of the traditional Xray machine and realized the transition of the simulated Xray image that people dreamed of to the digital Xray image.


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