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What does the thickness of amorphous silicon in X-ray flat panel detectors represent?

The higher the thickness of the amorphous silicon in the X-ray flat panel detector, the higher the conversion rate of visible light and the higher the absorption rate of X photons. The energy of X-rays increases and the number of X-photons increases, but the conversion rate of the scintillator and the fluorescent substance to X-photons is constant, which reduces their conversion efficiency.
After the charge stored in the X-ray flat panel detector with the charge signal enters the readout circuit, the stored charge information in each pixel is scanned under the control of the circuit. The charge signal is converted into a digital signal by a digital converter, and then the converted signal is output. The digital signal completes the digital acquisition task, and transmits the acquired digital signal to the computer’s image processing system. This is the principle of X-ray flat panel detectors.
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