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What are the types of flat panel detectors we use

Recently, many customers have inquired about our flat panel detectors. Most of them are foreign trade companies who want to export flat panel detectors to other countries. In fact, flat panel detectors are also divided into many types. In digital photography, X-ray energy is converted into electrical signals. It is realized by a flat-panel detector, so the characteristics of the flat-panel detector will have a greater impact on the quality of the DR image. The choice of DR must take into account the choice of flat panel detectors. The performance index of the flat panel detector will have a great impact on the image, and the hospital should also choose the flat panel detector suitable for itself according to the actual needs.
, Flat panel detectors can be divided into two types: amorphous selenium flat panel detectors and amorphous silicon flat panel detectors. From the perspective of energy conversion, the former belongs to direct conversion flat panel detectors, and the latter belongs to indirect conversion flat panel detectors.

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