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What are the components of the DRX ray machine

A hospital in Shenzhen wants to purchase a DRX optical machine. The customer asked what parts of our company’s DRX optical machine consist of? I explained to the customer that the DRX optical machine is mainly composed of three parts: the rack, the console and the high-voltage generator. Because the DR needs to be purchased, a flat panel detector is added. The price is relatively high. A little bit, because the DR detector is the core component of the entire DRX optical machine. Then I asked the customer what the budget is, so that we can choose machines with different parameters according to the customer’s budget. The client said the budget was RMB 100,000. I told my customers that if you buy a DRX optical machine with this budget, it may be relatively low, and a little higher can buy a good machine. I first sent our product information to the customer, and the customer said that they would study it carefully, and then contact them after the decision to purchase.

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