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Vietnamese customers inquire about flat panel detectors

Vietnamese customers saw our flat-panel detectors on Ali sellers, and are very interested in our flat-panel detectors. They want to know the details and specific quotations of our flat-panel detectors. If necessary, they will buy from our company.
I asked the customer what size flat panel detector they want, whether they need 17*17 or 14*17, the customer replied that they wanted 14*17, and asked the customer whether they wanted a wired flat panel or a wireless flat panel. The signal of the wired flat panel is more stable, but The wireless tablet is more convenient and the price is relatively high. After the customer considered it, he replied that he would like to know more about the wired tablet and the wireless tablet, and sent the information of our wired/wireless flat panel detector to the customer and quoted them separately, and asked the customer if they need to match the camera For the use of film racks, our company has formal and side-mounted films and simple wall-mounted film racks, and sent information to customers. The customer replies and considers it, and will buy from our company if necessary.
The pictures of our wired flat panel detector are as follows:

flat-panel detector


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