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Vietnamese customers consult the difference between CR and DR

Some time ago, a customer in Vietnam asked about our imaging system, wanted to buy CR system, and told the customer that we do not have CR system, only DR detector. In radiographic nondestructive testing, digital radiography (DR detector) has been increasingly used. So why use DR detector instead of CR system? In fact, both CR system and DR detector are digital, but CR cannot print images directly from the computer, and DR can print images directly on the computer.

According to the reading method, the reading mode refers to the process from X-ray exposure display to image, and can be divided into direct reading (Direct Readout) method and non-direct reading (Nondirect Readout) method. The direct reading mode is automatically completed from X-ray exposure to the image display, and after the X-ray exposure, the image can be viewed on the display. This technology is called DDR, where D means direct reading. Indirect reading requires X-ray exposure using Imaging Plate (IP plate), then inserting the IP plate into the Reader for scanning, and then displaying it on the monitor. This technique is called CR (Computer) Radiography..

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