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Veterinary detector applications

Veterinary detector is the core part of pet DR, and X-ray detector is the core part of converting X-ray into digital signal.
The development and characteristics of the core components directly determine the pet DR shooting effect and the height that can be achieved.
Veterinary detector applications
The cable version is mainly used in the pet DR machine, with fast data transmission and no interference. At the same time, the flat panel power supply does not rely on the battery, and can be directly plugged into the power supply, without battery plugging and replacement trouble. In addition to the external wired or wireless separation, the internal structure and design, and working mode are also very important.
Structurally, the first layer of carbon fiber shell in the surface layer is the scintillation body layer, which is a kind of crystal. The function is to convert the invisible light of X-ray into visible light, and the conversion efficiency directly determines the image effect.
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