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Top 10 flat Panel detectors

This article reviews the top ten flat panel detectors introduced by ten manufacturers including Wanrui, Yi Rui, KangZhong. Canon, Echo, Agfa, Detection Technology, Konica Minolta, Rayence and LG. The following information is listed in no particular order.
1. LUMEN 4336W is a lightweight flat-panel detector with stable performance and reliable quality. Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, frequent disinfection and increased emergency room traffic can be handled by this product. The LUMEN 4336W has IP68 rating and features to simplify integration and can be used wirelessly or wired.
2. Erui Technologies has launched four CMOS flat panel detector products, including the three Pluto products – Pluto 1216X, Pluto 1212X, and Pluto 0809X for C-arm systems and Pluto 0506X for mammary systems.
Yi rui technology
▲ Three Pluto series products applied to C-arm
3. In RSNA, Kanghong Medical focused on the display of intelligent light shield, DAEC technology and low-dose imaging plate detector, including multiple dynamic plate detectors, wireless/wired static plate detectors, and plate detectors for breast and dental. For example, CareView 2000RF, a dynamic product equipped with DAEC technology, has a size of 46×51×3.8cm, an imaging area of 43×48.3cm², a pixel of 118μm, and a frame rate of 30fps.
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