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Three advantages of DR detectors

Today I will talk about the three advantages of DR detectors
(1) Additional noise. The main source of additional noise in the DR detector system is the thermal noise from the TET white, household noise and line noise preamplifier. There are many methods for the noise reduction system of TFT DR detector, such as non-response to the noise of composite pixel arrangement methods such as Antonuk. Generally, the different models of DR detectors of various brands in the factory are equipped with special noise reduction software from calibration.
(2) Digital image file size. The size of the image obtained using the DR detector depends on the size and resolution of the gray-scale pixel matrix. Image size of 8Mb/18MB through the lobby. In order to reduce the image size and improve the efficiency of image transmission, this manufacturer produces post-processed images to generate regions of interest (such as image segmentation and removal of unwanted image boundaries). Such a small amount of data can be sent to all storage system.
(3) DR detectors, due to the limitation of the manufacturing process, must have a bad pixel, and sometimes there will be faulty circuits, these pixels will not work properly and affect the quality of the final image.
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