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The X-ray DR sent to Iraq have arrived

An Iranian attack on a us military base in Iraq earlier this month seriously wounded 16 us soldiers and sent them to a hospital at the us military’s arifjan base in Kuwait, a leading Kuwaiti newspaper said Tuesday, according to Iran’s fars news agency.Some of the 16 us troops suffered severe burns and others had shrapnel wounds, the Kuwaiti torch newspaper reported, citing sources.The wounded U.S. troops have undergone surgery and remain in the hospital’s intensive care unit.The torch said other U.S. troops were receiving treatment in Iraq for minor injuries.A spokesman for the us central command said late on Friday that 11 us soldiers were being treated for concussion after an Iranian attack on August 8.Earlier, the us defense department and President trump said no americans were injured or killed in the attack.The U.S. military has bought a shipment of  X-ray DR for Iraq to diagnose wounded soldiers.


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