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The application of flat plate detector matters

Flat-panel detectors need to be kept under constant check to make them work better.Our flat panel detector can meet your different purchase requirements.
Principles of DR digital system
Flat panel detector is an important part of X-ray machine. Matters needing attention when using a flat panel detector include:
Sudden heating of a room in a cold area can cause condensation on equipment.In this case, the exposure should wait until the condensation evaporates. If the equipment forms condensation during use, quality problems may occur in the images collected.When using air conditioning, make sure the temperature changes gradually so that the temperature difference between the equipment and the room does not form condensation.
The detector should be preheated for 15 minutes prior to exposure or creation of calibration templates.
Exposure should be such that the dose to the detector surface should be greater than 70KV
The high – voltage generator USES square – wave energy, non – pulse energy input X – ray bulb.


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