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The advantages of DR detector technolos

DR detectors can be divided into indirect digital DR detectors and direct digital DR detectors according to their imaging principles.

The indirect digital DR detector is mainly composed of cesium iodide material (CsI). Its work is completed in two steps. The first part, X-rays generate visible light through cesium iodide; the second step, visible light is formed by TFD and TFT photoelectric conversion The charge generates a digital signal.

Direct digital DR detector, which is mainly composed of selenium material (a-Se), its work can be completed directly in one step, after X-ray through selenium, it can be directly converted into electric charge and form digital signal through TFT. It does not produce visible light and completely eliminates the effect of scattering on the image. It enables digital images to have higher spatial resolution, higher contrast, higher signal-to-noise ratio and lower X-ray dose.

In addition to the direct digital DR detector technology of selenium/amorphous silicon, the Newheek DR detector uses its unique image processing IT software and draws on the window technology of CT to enhance the display rate of low-density tissue on the same image Maintain or enhance the display rate of high-density tissue, can clearly display the soft tissue structure and bone texture structure.


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