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Steps to upgrade DR for ordinary film cameras

With the development of science and technology, ordinary film machines are gradually replaced by DR X-ray machines. At the same time, there are still many users who are using traditional film cameras due to the difference in the level of economy. Traditional film cameras can be upgraded to DR, so how to upgrade? Today I will take you all to find out.
The first step in upgrading DR is to replace the traditional cassette and film with a flat panel detector. As long as this step is completed, the success is not far away, and then adjust the position of the previous photographic flat bed and beamer, and the beamer is aligned with the flat panel. Detector, you can become a DR with a little adjustment.
The flat-panel detector is the soul of the DR X-ray machine. There are several sizes of flat-panel detectors. The commonly used ones are 14*17 and 17*17. When choosing, what is the size of the cassette used before, and the flat-panel detector is still the choice. How big.
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