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Shanghai customers inquire about flat panel detectors

2022.06.22 Shanghai customers, inquire about pet flat panel detectors, 14*17 and 17*17 wireless boards. Add customer WeChat, the customer asks the US terminal for 14*17 and 17*17 flat panel detectors, which are used in pet clinics. The customer said that the terminal budget is 3,000 US dollars.
Reply to the customer that the budget on the terminal side is too low, the customer replies that the price on the terminal side is slightly higher, and it is acceptable to ask about our product price, and send the product information and quotation in Chinese and English to the customer: 14*17/17*17 wireless flat panel detection Device ** yuan + notebook computer (including collection software) ** yuan total ** yuan (including tax and domestic shipping), the customer sends it to the terminal to have a look and wait for a reply.
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