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Scintillator CsI 17*17 X-ray flat panel detectors

There are two main performance indicators for evaluating the imaging quality of X-ray flat panel detectors: quantum detection efficiency and spatial resolution. DQ E determines the ability of the flat panel detector to distinguish the density difference of different tissues; and the spatial resolution determines the ability to distinguish the fine structure of the tissue. The imaging capabilities of flat panel detectors can be evaluated by examining DQ E and spatial resolution.

In the indirect conversion X-ray flat panel detector, there are two main factors that affect DQE: the coating of the scintillator and the transistor that converts visible light into electrical signals.

X-ray flat panel detector technology: a-Si / a-Si

X-ray flat panel Scintillator: GOS / CsI

X-ray flat panel Image size: 43 × 43cm

X-ray flat panel Pixel matrix: 3072 × 3072

X-ray flat panel Pixel pitch: 140µm

X-ray flat panel A / D conversion: 16bit

X-ray flat panel Spatial resolution: 3.6 LP / mm

X-ray flat panel Image acquisition time (wired / wireless): 1s / 2 ~ 3s

X-ray flat panel Dimensions: 46 × 46 × 1.5 cm

Weight (wireless / wired with battery): 3.9kg / 4.5kg

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