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Russian customers order X-ray medical equipment such as DR

According to the Russian Epidemic Prevention Command on the 19th, the number of supplementary confirmed cases in Russia exceeded 6000 in a single day, and the number of gradually confirmed cases has exceeded 40,000. Russian experts assessed that the new Russian crown epidemic situation curve may be flattened in early June.
The Russian Epidemic Prevention Headquarters said that in the past 24 hours, 6060 new cases were diagnosed in Russia, and 42853 cases were gradually diagnosed; 48 new deaths and 361 deaths were gradually added; 234 new cases were cured, and 3291 cases were gradually cured. About 43% of the new cases are asymptomatic.
Russian President Vladimir Putin stated in a television speech on the 19th that Russia is analyzing the prevention and control experience of other countries and actively collaborating with its counterparts in other countries. Russia has more resources and reserves to take measures to protect the lives of the people and support the Russian economy.
Russia ’s “News” website quoted Karimov from the St. Petersburg State University of Electronic Technology on the 18th as saying that if Ohio has always been effective enough to reduce supplementary cases, the epidemic is expected to appear in May, and the epidemic curve may be 6 The beginning of the month tended to be flat.

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