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Radiology Imaging Equipment Amorphous Selenium X-ray Flat Panel Detector

The flat panel detector is an indispensable part of the DR imaging system, so what is the amorphous selenium flat panel detector? Let’s take a look together.
Amorphous selenium is a light-conducting material that can directly generate electrical signals after being irradiated by X-rays, which fundamentally avoids the phenomenon of scattered light in the indirect conversion method, thereby reducing the spatial resolution of graphics.
Direct conversion X-ray DR flat panel detectors have the advantages of high on-board resolution, good image clarity and high conversion efficiency due to their morphological structure. However, image quality cannot be well guaranteed under low-dose X-ray conditions. Since the direct X-ray flat panel detector is sensitive to the X-ray of amorphous selenium, the direct X-ray flat panel detector has certain restrictions on its environmental requirements due to the temperature and sensitivity of selenium, so the amorphous selenium X-ray flat panel detector appeared, Better image generation.
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