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Performance introduction of 14″×17″ fixed flat panel detector

Recently, a customer called to consult a flat panel detector, equipped with a 14×17 film holder, 14×17 long and wide cassette size, thickness of 16.45mm, which can be used for the integration of DR complete machine, ordinary film machine system (CCD-DR and various Digital film machine) digital upgrade, convenient installation, simple operation, convenient movement and stable operation.

Using the most advanced high-performance cesium iodide fluorescent material direct growth technology to achieve lower radiation dose requirements during filming, caring for patients and medical staff. With a new generation of flat panel detector design technology and a highly integrated signal acquisition and processing system, the performance of the flat panel is further optimized. High detection quantum efficiency, high spatial resolution, ultra-high dynamic range, and ultra-low noise level are the characteristics of the new generation of flat panel, which ensures that the image can be clearly defined at low dose.

Full-field auto-sensing technology, complete exposure without connecting the generator, to achieve a more convenient installation operation experience; can also use conventional wired synchronization or wireless synchronization under software control.

Adopt aluminum alloy shell with high integration, low power consumption and high conduction efficiency. The natural cooling method of air convection can meet the heat dissipation requirements of the flat panel detector without fan.

It is an economical flat panel detector that combines performance and cost advantages.

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