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Parameters of the X-ray flat panel

Since different X-ray flat panels can distinguish different tissue densities or the density of dense tissues in tissues, different X-ray flat panels are helpful to improve image quality in practical clinical operation.

From the perspective of affecting image quality, the main performance parameters of X-ray flat panel include modulation transfer function and quantum conversion efficiency, among which modulation transfer function describes the system’s ability to reproduce the spatial frequency range of imaging objects.

The X-ray detector has different imaging effects with different indicators, so in the process of clinical application, the flat panel detector should be selected according to the actual image effect to achieve higher quality image images.

The service life of X-ray flat panel is limited, generally no more than five years. Its exposure times, use degree and consumption degree all determine the service life of the flat panel detector.

The Newheek X-ray flat panel is divided into 14*17 inches and 17*17 inches according to the size.

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