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Panama Customer Consulting Flat Panel Detector

Panama customers inquired about the 1717 flat panel detector of Shandong Huarui Imaging Equipment Co., Ltd., and also inquired about the photography flat bed and the chest X-ray frame. I sent three links to quote separately, and asked the customer whether to choose a wired flat panel detector or a wireless flat panel detector. The wired version requires a network cable to connect to the computer, and the unlimited version requires a WiFi connection to the computer. Ask whether the customer has a computer, and the computer has software, which is easy to use. It can be operated upon arrival. The customer did not read it, and recommended Pinzhen Wired 1717 flat panel detector, which has been quoted (excluding computer). Chest X-ray stand, ask the customer to choose mobile or fixed type, the recommended measured film has been quoted, and the customer will ask the customer whether it is equipped with a computer after replying. Recommended photography flat bed, customers are looking at the electric lift type, if the price is too high, then recommend the hydraulic bed or acrylic plate.
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