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Pakistani customer inquiry flat panel detector

Pakistani customers saw our flat panel detectors on Ali sellers, and were very interested in our flat panel detectors. They hoped to know more about our flat panel detectors in detail, and would buy from our company if necessary.
I asked the customer whether it is for medical or veterinary use, and whether a computer is needed. The customer replied that it is for medical use, no computer is needed, and only flat panel detectors and software are needed. Introduce to the customer that we have 14*17 and 17*17 sizes, wired boards and wireless boards. The customer said that he needs a 14*17 wireless board. Send us information and pictures, and send our product information and imaging pictures to the customer. , and quote. In addition, the customer also consulted about our film printer, sent the information and quoted price to the customer. Customers say that they will purchase from our company if necessary.
Photos of our flat panel detectors are as follows:


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