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Pakistan customer consulting flat panel detector

Some time ago, a customer from Pakistan came to inquire about our flat panel detector. Customers need 14×17, 17×17 and 12×10 flat panel detectors. I sent the product information to the customer and made a quotation. The customer said that the parameters need to be checked. Give me feedback after checking.
Our company’s flat panel detectors are divided into wired and wireless panels. The wired board does not have a battery, it is plugged into a power source, and it is connected through a network cable. The wireless board has two batteries and connects to the computer via wifi. Different flat-panel detectors are used for different applications. For example, the sickle arm DR is not suitable for wireless flat-panel detectors because the cassette is locked, because it is inconvenient to charge the battery back and forth. In this case, a wired flat panel detector is more appropriate. In some other occasions, such as field rescue or physical examination in the countryside, due to the limitation of conditions, it is more convenient to use a wireless flat panel detector than a wired one. In terms of price, wireless flat panel detectors are more expensive than wired flat panel detectors. Therefore, the choice of what kind of flat panel detector should be determined according to the actual use occasion and budget.

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