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Newheek dynamic DR X ray flat panel detector

Recently, there has been a lot of consultation about dynamic DR X ray flat panel detectors. Recently, a customer in Jiangsu called us to consult our dynamic DR flat panel detector.
The first X ray flat panel detector appeared in 1995. X ray Flat panel detector is the core technology of DR technology and plays a decisive role in its imaging quality. From the perspective of energy conversion, it can be divided into two types: direct conversion flat panel detector and inter-conversion flat panel detector. The material is different. The material of the indirect flat panel detector is amorphous silicon. The material of the direct flat panel detector is amorphous selenium.
Amorphous selenium is a direct flat panel detector structure, which is mainly composed of a collector matrix, a selenium layer, a dielectric layer, a top electrode and a protective layer.
The amorphous silicon X ray flat panel detector is an indirect digital X-ray imaging. Its basic structure is that the surface is a layer of scintillator material, the next layer is a photodiode circuit made of amorphous silicon, and the bottom layer is a charge readout circuit.
Let’s take a look at the detailed pictures of the flat panel detector.


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