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Is there any veterinary flat panel detector

Customers see the flat panel detectors promoted by our company on the website and call for consultation. The customer said that he wanted to export a veterinary flat panel detector to the Philippine customer. Let us recommend a cheap veterinary flat panel detector.
We want customers to confirm the size of the veterinary flat panel detector they need. There are 14*17 and 17*17 inches in general. Whether it is wired or wireless, the customer said that they should know about it before introducing it to foreign customers. We sent the product to the customer. Technical parameters and photos, as shown below. The customer asked how the veterinary flat-panel detector was effective in filming. We replied to the customer that the filming effect mainly depends on the X-ray machine. Relatively speaking, the imaging effect of the veterinary flat-panel detector is better than film imaging. The customer said to introduce to the customer before replying to us.


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