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Is a flat panel detector a medical device?

Is a flat panel detector a medical device? So what is a flat panel detector?
Flat panel detector is a kind of precision and precious equipment, which plays a decisive role in imaging quality. Familiarity with the performance index of detector is helpful to improve imaging quality and reduce X-ray radiation dose.
Amorphous selenium (a-Se) is a direct flat panel detector structure, which is mainly composed of a current collection matrix, a selenium layer, a dielectric layer, a top electrode and a protective layer. The collector matrix consists of thin-film transistors (TFTs) arranged in array elements. The amorphous selenium semiconductor material is vacuum-evaporated above the thin-film transistor array to form a thin film about 0.5 mm thick and 38 mm×45 mm square. It is very sensitive to X-rays and has high image resolution capabilities.
Of course, the flat panel detector is a medical device, and it is also a second-class medical device. It needs a relevant business license to sell and buy.
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