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Information acquisition process of flat panel x ray detector

The information collection process of the flat panel x ray detector: the high-voltage power supply is connected to the top electrode. When X-rays are incident, in order to prevent lateral deflection and light scattered rays, the high-voltage power supply forms an electric field on the surface of the amorphous silicon to make the incident. X-rays can only pass through the insulating layer, and the X-ray semiconductor and electron confinement layer reach the amorphous silicon along the direction of the electric field. The amorphous silicon of the flat panel x ray detector can directly convert the incident X-rays into electrical signals, and store the converted electrical signal information in the form of charge in the storage capacitor, and then turn on the thin film transistor through the pulse control gate. Circuit. The charge stored in the storage capacitor is transferred to the charge amplifier for output, which completes the photoelectric conversion from the electrical signal to the optical signal, and then the digital signal is converted into a digital signal by a digitizer to complete the conversion of the digital signal. Digital information, and then input the formed digital information into a computer image processing system.
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