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Indian customer consulting flat panel detector

Customers in India inquire about our flat panel detectors via email. Customers inquire about flat panel detectors of regular size 14×17, 17×17 and special size 12×10.
After sending the product catalog and quotation to the customer, the customer replies to confirm the specifications and parameters, and then contact us.
The flat panel detector is a kind of precision machine equipment, which converts the image signal generated by the x-ray into a digital image through the object, which is convenient for storage and processing, and replaces the traditional film and other materials with such a device to reach a certain industry standard.
Our company’s flat panel detectors are divided into two types: wired and wireless. The wired flat panel detector does not have a battery and needs to be connected to a power source and connected via a network cable. The wireless flat panel detector comes with a rechargeable battery, which is connected via wifi, and the battery standby time is about 3-8 hours depending on the product model.
Different flat panel detectors are suitable for different devices. For example, some device cassettes are locked and are not suitable for wireless flat panel detectors. Because the battery is inconvenient to disassemble and charge, it is more appropriate to use a wired flat panel detector for this device.
It is more convenient to use wireless flat panel detectors in outdoor medical examinations and on-site rescue situations, but wireless flat panel detectors are more expensive than wired flat panel detectors. Therefore, the selection of flat panel detectors needs to consider the above factors.
If you are interested in flat panel detectors, please feel free to contact us.



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