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How to connect the flat panel detector to the computer

The core part of DDR is the flat panel detector. It can be generally said that it is a detector that uses semiconductor technology to directly convert X-ray energy into electrical signals to generate X-ray images. Flat panel detectors and X-ray tubes form the main part of direct digital imaging. The other part is the operation, quality control and post-processing part. Most of the work is done by computers.
The main processor’s real-time functions include: offset correction and gain; black level clamping; stain interpolation; frame accumulation and averaging. As for the post-processing of the image, it can be completed by using the auxiliary processor, including X-ray exposure control, image data graph windowing, scanning to conventional mode, search directory, variable recursive filtering for noise reduction, etc. Optimum performance requires low noise, wide dynamic range, and fast response.
The test method is as follows: 1. The X-ray tube emits X-rays that can penetrate objects, and the flat-panel detector can capture X-rays and perform data conversion. 2. Transmit the converted digital signal to the computer, and the computer converts the data into content that can be displayed on the screen through reconstruction software.
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