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Henan customer inquiry flat panel detector

A clinic in Henan consulted Weifang Newheek Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. for flat-panel detectors for upgrading DR. At present, the customer has a 100mA power frequency machine, and later obtained a flat-panel detector through some channels. Now he wants to change to a X Optical machine, learned about our high-frequency portable X-ray machine. But the customer wants to take pictures of the side of the lumbar spine. To be honest, this is a bit difficult. The high-frequency machine is not like the power-frequency machine that can continue to expose for a long time, but the penetrating power is relatively strong, but the radiation dose is much smaller than that of the power-frequency machine. of. What’s more, our 100mA high-frequency machine is portable. The portable machine mainly shoots limbs and chest X-rays. It is not a machine for taking lumbar spine. The high-frequency machines for shooting the side of the lumbar spine are all large-scale fixed equipment, and the cost is relatively high. . However, our X-ray machine can take pictures of the lumbar alignment, which is very clear. More details welcome to consult~
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