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Fluoroscopy equipment image intensifier on flat panel detector

X-ray machines are divided into two types: filming machines and fluoroscopy machines, and fluoroscopy machines are mostly used for chest X-ray examinations. Image intensifiers or flat-panel detectors are used on fluoroscopy machines to convert invisible light X-ray machines into visible light and output them into images that can be diagnosed by doctors. So what is the difference between an image intensifier and a flat panel detector.
The function of the image intensifier and the flat panel detector are the same, but the working principle is different. The image intensifier mainly accelerates and pressurizes the electrons in a vacuum environment through high pressure, and projects them on the output screen as an image, while the flat panel detector is mainly X-rays are converted into visible light by amorphous silicon or amorphous selenium. With the continuous development of technology, more and more flat panel detectors have replaced image intensifiers, but now image intensifiers still occupy a large market share of fluoroscopy equipment accessories.

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