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Flat panel detector styles

As one of the indispensable equipment of DR equipment in the radiology department, flat panel detectors have been selling very well all the time, and customers often ask related questions. One of the common questions is that customers ask what types of flat panel detectors are available. Today, I will answer this question.
Flat panel detectors can be divided into two types: medical and industrial, and the software they carry also differs. The sizes and materials for industrial use are quite special, including the common 29*25 size and other smaller sizes. Medical FPD panels are our company’s main products, including common 14*17-inch and 17*17-inch models, and can be upgraded to DR equipment with different types of X-ray machines. Usually, when we purchase this product, we will choose to match our computer so that the software can be installed on the computer in advance. In addition, the medical tablet also has a size of 29*25, and the price is higher due to its different size and material. Finally, industrial and medical tablets are available in both wireless and wired versions, with the wireless version generally being more expensive.
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