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Flat panel detector is the core component of DR

The flat panel detector functions like a car engine and an aircraft engine in the DR machine, and is the most important component, occupying most of the cost of the DR machine.
There are two types of flat panel detectors: amorphous silicon flat panel and amorphous selenium flat panel. Amorphous selenium tablets are difficult to adapt to various use environments due to their innate delicacy and are currently only used for breast DR. The flat panel detectors we refer to below refer to amorphous silicon flat panel detectors.
The basic structure of the flat panel detector after opening is as follows:
Shell: composed of carbon fiber board, alloy or plastic.
Scintillator: The industry recognized that cesium iodide is the best, and some manufacturers use gadolinium oxysulfide. All Kangzhong tablets use direct growth cesium iodide.
Amorphous silicon photodiode and TFT array: what we call pixels are generated here.
Scanning readout circuit.



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