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Flat panel detector is an important part of DR

Do you know what are the important components of the DR system? Yes, it is a flat panel detector and a medical diagnostic X-ray machine. However, both of these two parts are indispensable. Today I will briefly introduce you the Newheek flat panel detector! Flat panel detector is a kind of precise and precious equipment, which plays a decisive role in imaging quality. Familiar with the performance index of flat panel detector can help improve imaging quality and reduce X-ray radiation dose.
Wireless flat panel detector:
1. Use technology: amorphous silicon TFT and photodiode;
2. Image size: 14″×17″;
3. Spatial resolution: 3.5p/mm;
4. Detection of gray level (A/D bit number): 16 bit;
5. Data interface: Gigabit Ethernet;
6. Holographic acquisition time: ≤4s;
7. Pixel: 2560X3072 pixels
8. Wireless transmission
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Components of a flat panel detector


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