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Flat Panel Detector And Image Intensifier

Both flat panel detector and image intensifier belong to the imaging equipment of X-ray machine. The main function is to change the invisible X-ray into visible light. So what’s the difference between a flat panel detector and an image intensifier.
First of all, the price of image intensifier is relatively low, and the resolution is not very high. The price of flat panel detector is high, but the frame rate of data acquisition has reached 30 FPS or even higher to meet the real-time performance.
Secondly, the static flat panel detector is mainly used in the film machine, the dynamic flat panel detector is used in the perspective machine, and the image intensifier is mainly used in the perspective machine.
Thirdly, the flat-panel detector mainly processes images through software, and images on the computer. The image intensifier needs to install a camera and an image processor.
Finally, the flat panel detector is compact, portable and easy to move. The volume and weight of image intensifier is large.


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