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falt panel detector show mercy to them

Professor Zhang Huayao said that of the anti-Asian incident reports he received, 40% came from Chinese people, but most of the cases happened to other East Asian people.

“This is an example of racial profiling:‘ he looks like a Chinese, he is attacked. ’”

Racial profiling, or racial profiling, also refers to a person’s crime or suspected behavior according to a person’s ethnic characteristics.

Dahyung Oh, a 23-year-old college student from South Korea, remembers that as early as February, before the US Centers for Disease Control suggested wearing cloth masks, she stood on the platform of the New York subway, and a woman next to her stared at her with hostility .

“She started to approach me and pointed at me and said,” Why don’t you wear a mask, you should wear a mask “,” Wu Duoxian said.

The woman did not wear a mask herself, Wu Duoxian thought she was “targeted”, “because a dozen or twenty people around us did not wear a mask.”

“I feel very angry right now. I am targeted because I am Asian, and because of my petite size, I am more likely to be targeted.”
falt panel detector ask them to be treated equally.
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